Our services are designed to meet every students needs

Our Services

We strive and be the best in the market by offering our students the highest customer care prior, during, and after their applications.

meet every students needs to ensure a smooth transition and the best start to their selected career path.



We are recognized by British Council and All universities.

English Courses

provide English courses over the world

Online Degrees

We can provide online degrees from recognized universities

250+ Courses

We provide short courses designed and customised as per client’s needs.

Services for companies

We provide education services to companies sending their staff to study in the UK. We support each student prior to arriving in UK,

Airport pick up

we also can provide transportations form airpots to cities .

We provide the following services

  • Consultation and counselling for admission
  • Submission of application requirements
  • Completion of Conditional Requirements
  • Acceptance of conditional offers
  • CAS issuance
  • Campus accommodation confirmation
  • Airport pick up

Payment Methods


is the faster, safer way to send money, make an online payment, ​

Credit Cards

You Can Pay through Credit Card

Cash at office

You Can Pay cash in our office

Support Team

Masoud Al-Marri

Company Director

Fitim Emini

Region Manager ( UK & Europe )



Hamad Fayyad

IT support

Middle East Advisor

Region Manager ( Middle East )

USA Advisor

Region Manager ( USA )​

Asia Advisor

Regional Manager ( Asia )

Early applicants recieve 20% off their first quarter fee.

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